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Don’t Shame You - Check Your Prostate - Its Can Safe Your Life!

Prostate problems? How long you have waiting?

Prostate Cancer - Seeking Medical Help by Enlarged prostate

It's very important! - Consult a doctor if you experience any bothersome symptoms.

- Severe difficulty passing urine
- Blood in urine
- Urinary incontinence
- Urinary tract infection or other complication of BPH
- Suspected kidney impairment
- Inability to pass urine (retention)

The acute (sudden) inability to pass urine is painful and will necessitate a hospital or doctor's visit. Retention of urine can also come on slowly with a progressively worsening stream and eventual overflow incontinence.

In this scenario the bladder never empties properly, which can lead to

obstructive kidney failure and other complications such as infections or stones.

Blood in the urine should never be assumed to be due to prostates enlargement unless all other more serious causes, such as bladder cancer, have been ruled out.

Any man over 50 years should have a yearly prostate check to rule out prostate cancer. Black men, who are at higher risk for this kind of cancer, and men with a positive family history of prostate cancer should start their prostate checks at age 40. The aim of yearly prostate checks in is to diagnose prostate cancer early, when it is still curable.

Early prostate cancer is usually completely asymptomatic. Men who have had previous surgery for BPH (i.e. TURP or open

prostatectomy) are not exempt from the risk of prostate cancer.
Prostate cancer classically develops in the outer part of the gland, which is not removed during operations for BPH.

Visit preparation (prostate cancer-test)

No specific preparation is needed for the first visit. The health professional will take a detailed medical history and perform a physical examination. The physical examination should include a digital rectal examination of the prostate gland. The health professional will almost certainly require a urine sample. It is a good idea not to empty the bladder shortly before the appointment. A blood sample will be taken to measure the level of PSA.

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