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Prostate News Archive


  • Here's a second opinion on prostate cancer (Silver City Sun-News)

    I probably have prostate cancer. There's no need to feel sorry for me ? so do about half the men my age (I'm in my mid-50s). We doctors have learned this from microscopic examinations of the prostates of men autopsied following an accidental death.

  • Tailored Care for Advanced Prostate Cancer (ThirdAge)

    WASHINGTON -- prostate cancer has been left behind in the race for personalized medicine but that may be changing: Doctors are starting to attempt gene-guided treatment for men with advanced disease.

  • Prostate cancer screening: What's a dude to do? (CNN)

    A self-described health nut, Andrew Traver takes vitamins, runs, lifts weights, scorns red meat and got tested for prostate cancer at age 40.

  • Preventium is Where the Prevention of Breast and Prostate Cancer Begins (Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance)

    LAS VEGAS----Dr. Ercole Cavalieri and Dr. Eleanor Rogen of the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Eppley Institute for Research in Cancer, located in Omaha, Nebraska, have identified the triggering mechanism by which breast and prostate cancer cells begin.

  • Free conference on prostate cancer (Deseret Morning News)

    prostate cancer survivors and their families are invited to a free conference on April 18 that will offer help for moving on after the disease.

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