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  • Prostate Cancer Screening Doesn't Cut Death Rates: Study

    Title: prostate Cancer Screening Doesn't Cut Death Rates: Study Category: Health News Created: 3/31/2011 8:05:00 PM Last Editorial Review: 4/1/2011

  • Prostate screening has no benefit

    prostate cancer screening does not save lives, according to a 20-year study.

  • 20-Year Study Finds Prostate Cancer Test Doesn't Cut Death Risk

    Does getting screened for prostate cancer really cut your chances of dying from the disease?  According to researchers, who carried out a 20-year study of  more than 9,000 Swedish men, there is no difference in the rate of prostate cancer deaths between the men who were periodically screened and those who weren't

  • Prostate cancer screenings don't do much good, study says

    prostate cancer screenings are more trouble than they?re worth, according to a new study out Thursday in the British Medical Journal.

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