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  • New screening method for prostate cancer cuts number of false positives

    A new way to screen for prostate cancer better predicts which men have fast-growing cancers with fewer false positives than other available tests, researchers from Northwestern University say. The standard test for prostate cancer measures blood levels of a substance called prostate-specific antigen, or PSA, which is produced by prostate gland cells and tends to be elevated in men with prostate ...

  • MicroRNA variations associated with earlier prostate cancer diagnosis in African-American men

    prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related death among American men. Yet screening programs have not reduced the number of deaths. Focusing screening on the men who are at greatest risk for aggressive disease or diagnosis at a young age, could improve mortality rates. Now, researchers have found that two novel genetic markers are associated with earlier time to prostate cancer ...

  • New prostate cancer test gives more accurate diagnosis

    A new PSA test to screen for prostate cancer more accurately identified men with prostate cancer -- particularly the aggressive form of the disease -- and substantially reduced false positives compared to the two currently available commercial PSA tests, according to new research. The currently available screening tests result in a high number of false positives and lead to unnecessary biopsies ...

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