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  • Prostate screenings don?t save lives: study

    prostate cancer screening does not save lives and are more trouble than they are worth, according to a report in the British Medical Journal.

  • Experts Debate Benefits of Prostate Cancer Tests at Any Age

    Older men are getting screened for prostate cancer at a higher rate, though many experts discourage screening for men whose life expectancy is 10 years or less.

  • New screening method for prostate cancer cuts number of false positives

    A new way to screen for prostate cancer better predicts which men have fast-growing cancers with fewer false positives than other available tests, researchers from Northwestern University say. The standard test for prostate cancer measures blood levels of a substance called prostate-specific antigen, or PSA, which is produced by prostate gland cells and tends to be elevated in men with prostate ...

  • Why I Advocate PSA Screening for Prostate Cancer

    PSA screening for prostate cancer has recently been the focus of scrutiny in the media, especially following a recent publication in the British Medical Journal. It is thus a good time to take a step back and examine what we know about PSA screening and its relationship to prostate cancer

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