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  • New, noninvasive prostate cancer test beats PSA in detecting prostate cancer (PhysOrg)

    An experimental biomarker test developed by researchers at the University of Michigan more accurately detects prostate cancer than any other screening method currently in use, according to a study published in the February 1 issue of Cancer Research, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research.

  • Experimental Vaccine Halts Prostate Cancer in Mice (HealthDay via Yahoo! News)

    FRIDAY, Feb. 1 (HealthDay News) -- An experimental prostate cancer vaccine has stopped the progress of the disease in 90 percent of the mice who got it, California researchers report.

  • Prostate Cancer Vaccine Successfully Prevents Cancer in 90 Percent of Lab Mice (Senior Journal)

    Feb. 1, 2008 ? A universal worry for older men is the threat of prostate cancer but there is very encouraging news from researchers at the University of Southern California that are working on a vaccine to prevent it.

  • Peek Into Future of Prostate Cancer (WebMD)

    A better prostate cancer test -- and a vaccine to keep early prostate tumors at bay -- may be just over the horizon, new studies suggest.

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