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  • Prostate Cancer Vaccine Successfully Prevents Cancer in 90 Percent of Lab Mice (Senior Journal)

    Feb. 1, 2008 ? A universal worry for older men is the threat of prostate cancer but there is very encouraging news from researchers at the University of Southern California that are working on a vaccine to prevent it.

  • Experimental Vaccine Halts Prostate Cancer in Mice (

    Copyright 2008 ScoutNews LLC. All rights reserved. FRIDAY, Feb. 1 (HealthDay News) -- An experimental prostate cancer vaccine has stopped the progress of the disease in 90 percent of the mice who got it, California researchers report.

  • Peek Into Future of Prostate Cancer (WebMD)

    A better prostate cancer test -- and a vaccine to keep early prostate tumors at bay -- may be just over the horizon, new studies suggest.

  • Researchers Find Biological Factors that May Drive Prostate Tumor Aggressiveness in African-American Men (National Cancer Institute)

    Researchers analyzing prostate tumors have identified differences in gene expression (the degree to which individual genes are turned on or off) between African-American and European-American men that show the existence of distinct tumor microenvironments (the area that includes the tumor and the surrounding non-cancerous tissue) in these two patient groups.

  • New Herbal Supplement Promotes Healthy Prostate (Richfield Reaper)

    (ARA) - If you're a man who suffers from any of these symptoms -- waking up several times a night to use the bathroom, difficulty starting your stream, poor urine flow and volume or erectile dysfunction -- it may be a sign of an even bigger problem: an enlarged prostate.

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