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  • Nomogram Incorporating PSA Level To Predict Cancer-Specific Survival For Men With Clinically Localized Prostate Cancer ... (Medical News Today) In the online version of Cancer, Dr. Kattan and collaborators report an internally validated nomogram for predicting the probability that a man will survive his prostate cancer (CaP) if he does not have it treated immediately. The research was a population based study using cases identified from six Cancer Registries in the United Kingdom.

  • DNA test to predict prostate cancer (Times Online)

    SCIENTISTS are to offer DNA tests to show men if they are at risk of prostate cancer, a move that could save thousands of lives. It should enable doctors to find those at highest risk so that they can monitor them closely.

  • Call for routine prostate tests (Jersey Evening Post)

    ISLAND campaigners working to raise awareness about prostate cancer have called on Health to rethink its opposition to routine screening for the disease.

  • Is it safe delaying decision about having prostate cancer surgery? (News-Medical-Net)

    Is it safe to wait to make a decision about having prostate cancer surgery, even after you've waited and waited for all the doctor appointments and test results? Or will the additional delay reduce your chances of being cured?

  • The Relationship Between Prostate Inflammation And Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms: Examination Of Baseline Data From The ... (Medical News Today) In the online version of European Urology, Dr. Curtis Nickel and associates report on the association of prostate inflammation and lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) in men enrolled in the REDUCE trial, a 4-year, phase III placebo-controlled study that evaluates whether dutasteride (o.5mg) decreases the risk of biopsy detectable prostate cancer (CaP).

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