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  • EPCA-2 testing more accurate way to identify cancer in the prostate (News-Medical-Net)

    New studies of a blood protein recently identified at Johns Hopkins, early prostate cancer antigen-2 (EPCA-2), may change the way men are screened for prostate cancer - a disease that kills tens of thousands of men every year.

  • GTX Shares Fall on Study Concern (AP via Yahoo! Finance)

    Shares of biotechnology company GTX Inc. stumbled Monday on concerns on the risks involved with a late-stage study of the company's prostate cancer drug Acapodene.

  • Prostate Cancer Conference at Mayo Clinic (KAAL Austin)

    (KAAL) -- It's a type of cancer that some call the "couple disease". The Mayo Clinic in Rochester held a conference on prostate cancer, allowing men to gather information they and their loved ones may need in order to deal with the disease and life after.

  • The Risk Of Renal Impairment In Hormone-Refractory Prostate Cancer Patients With Bone Metastases Treated With ... (Medical News Today) Nearly one-quarter of prostate cancer (CaP) patients treated with zoledronic acid (ZA) suffer renal impairment according to a report by Dr. Oh and colleagues in the online version of Cancer.ZA is an intravenous bisphosphonate given to decrease skeletal related events in CaP patients with bone metastases. [click link for full article]

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