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  • MicroRNA suppresses prostate cancer stem cells and metastasis

    A small slice of RNA inhibits prostate cancer metastasis by suppressing a surface protein commonly found on prostate cancer stem cells. miR-34a targets a surface protein common to cancer stem cells and associated with tumor development and metastasis. When the micro RNA stifles CD44, it inhibits formation of prostate stem cells. Researchers blocked tumor formation, shrunk tumors and inhibited ...

  • Drug boost for prostate cancer care

    prostate cancer patients in the Lothians have received a boost after a new drug was approved for use north of the border.

  • Scientists stop prostate cancer spreading in mice

    Melbourne researchers have discovered a new way to halt the spread of prostate cancer, a disease that kills more than 3000 Australian men each year.

  • Training helps post-prostate bladder woes

    prostate-removal surgery can provide peace of mind to men who hav prostate cancer, but the procedure often carries an unwelcome and hard-to-treat side effect: leaky plumbing.

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