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  • Delay in Approving Prostate Cancer Vaccine Sparks Protest (RedNova)

    PHILADELPHIA _ Having lost an uncle to prostate cancer and now, watching his father's losing battle, Ed Gorkes cannot understand why the government is keeping a breakthrough therapy in limbo.

  • Flaxseed may curb prostate cancer growth (AAP via Yahoo!7 News)

    Flaxseed slowed the growth of prostate tumours in men, while ginseng helped relieve the fatigue that cancer patients often feel, US researchers have reported.

  • Study: Flaxseed Halts Prostate Tumor Growth (Fox News)

    A new study shows that eating flaxseeds slows the growth of prostate tumors.

  • Prostate cancer treatment cuts hot flashes (UPI)

    A U.S. study finds use of low doses of an epileptic seizure medication can significantly reduce the occurrence of hot flashes in prostate cancer patients.

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