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Prostate News Archive


  • A dose of good medicine (The Fayetteville Observer)

    PINEHURST ? When John Harding learned he had prostate cancer in 2006, he worried about not being able to hold his grandson, who was about to be born. Traditional treatments for the disease would leave him radioactive and unable to hold the boy for months.

  • High veggie diet 'cuts prostate cancer risk' (The Times of India)

    WASHINGTON: A diet high in vegetable intake can reduce the risk of prostate cancer (CaP), says a new study.

  • World's Longest Prostate Cancer Cure Rates Published at Clinical Oncology Meeting (PRWeb via Yahoo! News)

    A long-term study revealing the longest reported Prostate Cancer Cure Rates in the world has been presented at the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology in Orlando, last week.

  • Mr. Know-It-All: Disclosing DNA, Enrolling Friends in Rehab, Protecting Peepers on a PDA (Wired News)

    According to my 23andMe DNA test, I have an above average chance of developing prostate cancer. Should I disclose this to my finacÚ? Cancer is arguably the scariest word in the English language, so your anxiety is perfectly natural. But this news is far less frightening than it sounds, a fact you should make clear while looping in your soul mate?which, yes, you should indeed do. The ...

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