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  • Romo's father has prostate surgery (Dallas Morning News)

    IRVING ? On Wednesday, Ramiro Romo had prostate surgery in Chicago. Not long after, he had a message for his son, Tony, the Cowboys' quarterback. "He's a fighter," Tony said. "I asked him, 'How ya feeling?' 'Good, go beat the Redskins.'

  • It kills thyroid cancer, but is radiation safe? (USA Today)

    Iodine 131, is a proven cancer fighter. But it's also radioactive, and in higher doses, can cause cancer. Russell-Milstein like thousands of other thyroid cancer patients in the USA each year worried that the radiation might pose a risk to her family.

  • Should the UK lower the age for prostate cancer detection? (EurekAlert!)

    Should the UK lower the age for prostate cancer detection in line with the USA? Prostate cancer screening occurs in many countries ahead of evidence from ongoing trials.

  • Landmark Prostate Cancer Research Collaboration Funded By Safeway Inc. And PCF (Medical News Today)

    Safeway Inc. and the prostate Cancer Foundation have announced that they will collectively donate $6 million to fund the S.T.A.R. Program (for Special Team Amplification of Research), an innovative research initiative focused on exploring the role of targeted heat in cancer therapy to treat prostate cancer, as well as other research strategies.The S.T.A.R. [click link for full article]

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