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  • Obesity-linked high blood volumes render PSA prostate cancer test less effective, study suggests (EurekAlert!)

    The extra blood volume produced in the obese may so dilute levels of a telltale protein produced by prostates that the popular PSA test may be essentially useless for diagnosing prostate cancer in men carrying extra pounds, a new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association suggests.

  • Prostate Cancer Harder to Detect in Overweight Men (KWWL Iowa)

    Just in time for Thanksgiving, new research may provide some motivation to avoid that second helping of turkey and trimmings, at least for men. Scientists have uncovered evidence that helps explain why prostate cancers are often missed in obese men.

  • Prostate Cancer Test Can Be Falsely Interpreted in Obese Men (WVLT-TV Knoxville)

    A new study shows PSA scores in obese men can cause prostate cancer to be missed.

  • Obesity Affects Prostate Cancer Test (WebMD)

    A borderline PSA prostate cancer screening test is more likely to signal cancer in obese men than in lean men, a JAMA study suggests.

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