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Prostate News Archive


  • Confirma Expands Computer-Aided-Detection (CAD) For MRI To Prostate, Assisting In Improved Cancer Detection (Medical News Today)

    Confirma(R), pioneer and leader in application-specific CAD for MRI, announced the introduction of CADstream for prostate for improved analysis and reporting of the prostate. The prostate application will offer radiologists comprehensive and clinically valuable tools for improved quality, standardization and efficiency of MRI studies. [click link for full article]

  • 'Mismatched' prostate cancer treatment more common than expected (EurekAlert!)

    More than a third of men with early prostate cancer who participated in a study analyzing treatment choice received therapies that might not be appropriate, based on pre-existing problems with urinary, bowel or sexual function.

  • Obesity 'may distort cancer test' (BBC News)

    Doctors must take body weight into account when reading prostate cancer test results, a study argues.

  • UC Davis Researchers Identify A Cellular Pathway That Makes Prostate Cancer Fatal (Medical News Today)

    Expanding evidence that tiny strands of RNA - called microRNAs - play big roles in the progress of some cancers, UC Davis researchers have identified one that helps jump start prostate cancer cell growth midway through the disease process, eventually causing it to become fatal. [click link for full article]

  • Many prostate cancer patients receive improper or 'mismatched' therapies (EurekAlert!)

    prostate cancer patients often receive treatment that is contraindicated by pre-existing conditions, like urinary or bowel dysfunction, according to a new study.

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