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Prostate News Archive


  • Prostate Awareness Saves lives (

    Hellenic Association of Urology calls all men over 50 to be aware and do not ignore their prostate.

  • Three Genetic Prostate Cancer Risk Factors Identified (Science Daily)

    Three separate locations on human chromosome 8q24 appear to be independently associated with an increased risk of prostate cancer. Evidence for genetic susceptibility to prostate cancer is quite strong. Several chromosome regions have been identified that may contain important prostate cancer-related genes.

  • Prostate Cancer Increases Hip Fracture Risk By Eight Times In 50 To 65 Year-olds (Science Daily)

    Men with prostate cancer are four times more likely to suffer a hip fracture and two times more likely to suffer any kind of fracture. The hip fracture risk rises to eight times in men aged 50-65. prostate cancer is now a leading cause of male deaths in the US and Europe. The latest study shows that the fracture risk appears shortly after diagnosis and is still pronounced in long-term survivors.

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