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  • New Herbal Supplement Promotes Healthy Prostate (Richfield Reaper)

    (ARA) - If you're a man who suffers from any of these symptoms -- waking up several times a night to use the bathroom, difficulty starting your stream, poor urine flow and volume or erectile dysfunction -- it may be a sign of an even bigger problem: an enlarged prostate.

  • Lothian men urged to get checked for prostate cancer (The Scotsman)

    MEN are being urged to get themselves checked out for prostate cancer a disease affecting 35,000 in the UK each year.

  • Men's Health Policy Center Hosts Petition To Protest Government Barrier To Prostate Cancer Medications (Medical News Today)

    The Men's Health Policy Center, a new resource center affiliated with the Men's Health Network (MHN), announced that they are hosting an online petition urging Congress to end a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) practice that unfairly restricts prostate cancer patients' access to drug therapies.

  • Dr. Paul Donohue: Prostate cancer treatments vary (Detroit News)

    Dear Dr. Donohue: You missed the boat in your prostate treatment article. Four old goats in our euchre club have all had prostate cancer.

  • Prostate Cancer DNA Vaccine Results in Higher T-Cell Response When Delivered via Inovio Biomedical's Electroporation ... (PRWeb)

    Inovio Biomedical Corporation (AMEX:INO), a leader in enabling the development of DNA vaccines using electroporation-based DNA delivery, announced today that the team of Dr. Christian H. Ottensmeier, MD, PhD, Cancer Research UK Senior Clinical Research Fellow at the University of Southampton, will present interim data from a clinical study of an experimental DNA-based prostate cancer vaccine at ...

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