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  • Vitamin K2 linked to lower prostate cancer risk (

    The potential benefits of K2 were more pronounced for advanced prostate cancer , while vitamin K1 intake did not offer any prostate benefits, report the researchers from the German Cancer Research Centre in Heidelberg.

  • Frequent sex: Does it protect against prostate cancer? (Mayo Clinic)

    The incidence and risk of prostate cancer has been looked at in many populations, including men who have had vasectomies and those who may or may not be sexually active.

  • Blocking The Effect Of Inflammation-Causing Cells Lowered Prostate Cancer Cells Invasion (Medical News Today)

    Recent studies have suggested an association between chronic inflammation and cancers of the prostate, colon, stomach and liver. Now scientists at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine report success in blocking an early step in metastasis of prostate cancer cells by interrupting the communication between the cancer cells and other cells that promote inflammation.

  • Microwave Treatments For Enlarged Prostate Cause Blood Pressure Surges, Study Shows (Science Daily)

    Many men who receive microwave therapy for enlarged prostates experience significant surges in blood pressure that could raise their risk of a heart attack or stroke. An enlarged prostate gland is a condition affecting half of men over age 50 and 80 percent of those over 70.

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