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  • PROVENGE Significantly Prolongs Survival In Men With Advanced Prostate Cancer In Pivotal Phase 3 IMPACT Study (Medical News Today)

    Mary Crowley Cancer Research Centers in Dallas, Texas announced that the pivotal Phase 3 IMPACT study of PROVENGE(R) (sipuleucel-T) in men with advanced prostate cancer met its primary endpoint of improving overall survival compared to a placebo control.

  • Designer T Cells Fight Prostate Cancer (WebMD)

    Using gene therapy, researchers have re-educated patients' own immune systems to attack prostate tumors in the body.

  • The bottom line on prostate cancer (C-Health)

    One: Benjamin Disraeli, Queen Victoria's prime minister, once remarked "There are three kinds of lies -- lies, damned lies and statistics." Disraeli, if he had been a doctor, could have been referring to the PSA test for prostate cancer. For instance, the New England Journal of Medicine has just reported a European study that showed that this blood test cut the death rate of this disease by 20%. ...

  • Science Makes Inroads Against Prostate, Other Cancers (HealthCentral)

    In studies, an immune boost fights prostate tumors, and better drugs outwit brain, pancreatic malignancies.

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