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  • New Urine Test Detects Prostate Cancer Better Than Other Methods, Study Suggests (Science Daily)

    A simple urine test leads to more accurate diagnoses, fewer false-positive results for prostate cancer. The experimental biomarker test more accurately detects prostate cancer than any other screening method currently in use.

  • Prostate Cancer Vaccine Effective In Mice, Study Shows (Science Daily)

    Researchers have developed a prostate cancer vaccine that prevented the development of cancer in 90 percent of young mice genetically predestined to develop the disease. They suggest the same strategy might work for men with rising levels of PSA, a potential diagnostic indicator of prostate cancer.

  • Online tool supports more dialogue on prostate cancer risk (EurekAlert!)

    Toronto (February 4, 2008) ? A comprehensive, clinical nomogram tool, the Sunnybrook Prostate Cancer Risk Calculator ? the first to use all known risk factors for prostate cancer ? is available online to help men determine individual prostate cancer risk in consultation with their primary care physician.

  • Family Copes With Prostate Cancer In Big Way (WMTW Auburn)

    Louie Maietta Sr. has seven sons, all of whom live in the greater Portland area and all of whom help with the family business. Five of them have something else in common: prostate cancer.

  • Peninsula psychiatrist accused of molestations has prostate cancer (San Francisco Chronicle)

    (02-04) 16:47 PST REDWOOD CITY - Dr. William Ayres, a prominent San Mateo child psychiatrist charged with molesting seven former patients, had his trial date postponed more than three months today because the 76-year-old psychiatrist has prostate cancer. "He...

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