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  • Study shows most older prostate cancer patients survive without treatment (KATC 3 Lafayette)

    Associated Press - February 13, 2008 12:23 AM ET A new study suggests that older men with early-stage prostate cancer aren't taking a big risk if they opt not to treat it right away.

  • Older men with prostate cancer can wait and see (Reuters via Yahoo!7 Health)

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Men in their 70s and older who are diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer can safely "watch and wait" because they are not likely to die of it, researchers confirmed on Wednesday.

  • Prostate conference held in Kuwait (AME Info)

    Kuwait will be holding the fifth international conference for prostate disease soon, reported Kuwait Times. The head of the conference Dr. Khalil Al-Awadi noted that this year, the conference will concentrate on the latest methods and tools used to treat prostate diseases.

  • More Gene Variations Found That Raise Prostate Cancer Risk (

    Title: More Gene Variations Found That Raise Prostate Cancer Risk Category: Health News Created: 2/12/2008 2:00:00 AM Last Editorial Review: 2/12/2008

  • Men Who Are Active at Work May Have a Decreased Risk of Prostate Cancer (Senior Journal)

    Feb. 12, 2008 - Men with jobs that require them to be physically active may be getting benefits beyond salary and health insurance - they may be at a decreased risk of developing prostate cancer, according to a study at UCLA's Jonsson Cancer Center.

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