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  • Test for Prostate Cancer in the Works (WebMD)

    A new blood test that measures a protein that is elevated in people with prostate cancer could spare thousands of men from unnecessary biopsies and risky treatments, researchers report.

  • Early warning: PSA testing can predict advanced prostate cancer (PhysOrg)

    Researchers who showed that a single prostate specific antigen (PSA) test at age 50 or under could predict the presence of prostate cancer up to 25 years later, (regardless of clinical significance) have now found that a single PSA can be used to predict advanced prostate cancer.

  • Delaying prostate care OK for some men (AP via Yahoo! News)

    Older men with early-stage prostate cancer are not taking a big risk if they keep an eye on the disease instead of treating it right away, suggests the largest study to look at this issue since PSA tests became popular.

  • Prostate cancer vaccine shows promise in trial (San Francisco Chronicle)

    Shares in Cell Genesys of South San Francisco shot up nearly 20 percent Friday after the company released a favorable analysis of its experimental prostate cancer vaccine GVAX. The new data made public at a cancer meeting in San Francisco suggest that GVAX...

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