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  • Overweight And Obese Men Have Lower PSA Values, Even Before They Get Prostate Cancer (Science Daily)

    Men who are overweight or obese have lower concentrations of prostate-specific antigen in their blood than their normal-weight counterparts, according to a new study. The finding echoes earlier results on PSA concentrations found in obese and overweight men with prostate cancer and highlights the need to reconsider PSA threshold values for heavier patients, and to encourage those patients to get ...

  • Physical job activity may cut prostate cancer risk (Reuters via Yahoo! News)

    Working in a job that requires a continuous level of high physical effort may decrease the likelihood of a man developing prostate cancer, researchers report.

  • Grant to Study If Early BPA Exposure Leads to Late Prostate Cancer (Newswise)

    A five-year, $2.6 million grant to a University of Illinois at Chicago researcher seeks to answer whether exposure of baby boys -- in utero or in infancy -- to bisphenol A, a man-made chemical which mimics natural estrogens, can predispose them to prostate cancer later in life.

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