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  • Gene test may help spot lethal prostate tumors

    prostate tumors with a distinctive four-gene "signature" are far more lethal than others, laying the groundwork for a test to predict which tumors need aggressive treatment, U.S. researchers said on Wednesday.

  • Gene test may help spot prostate tumours

    prostate tumours with a distinctive four-gene "signature" are far more lethal than others.

  • Molecular predictor of metastatic prostate cancer found

    Prostate tumors that carry a "signature" of four molecular markers have the potential to become dangerously metastatic if not treated aggressively, researchers now report. The discovery lays the groundwork for the first gene-based test for determining whether a man's prostate cancer is likely to remain dormant within the prostate gland, or spread lethally to other parts of the body.

  • Prostate Cancer Self-Defense: Nine Deadly Myths

    Frequent Sex Blocks prostate Cancer? That's Just One of Many Myths about the Disease

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