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  • First Look at Prostate Cancer Genome Yields Insights

    WEDNESDAY, Feb. 9 (HealthDay News) -- Genetic sequencing of the entire prostate cancer cell genome revealed never-before-seen changes in DNA that may contribute to tumor growth, new research finds.

  • Researchers sequence the genome of prostate cancer, a step toward identifying aggressive tumors

    Boston researchers have sequenced the genomes of prostate tumors from seven men, a "landmark event" that promises eventually to help clinicians learn how to differentiate between those tumors that will be highly aggressive and require immediate treatment and those that are essentially benign and that can be simply observed.

  • Gene test may cut need for prostate cancer surgery

    A genetic pattern could predict how aggressive prostate cancer is, potentially saving many men with less threatening tumors from undergoing unnecessary and life changing surgery, scientists said on Wednesday.

  • Prostate cancer 'gene test' hope

    Experts believe they can develop a genetic screening test that can tell doctors which men with prostate cancer need aggressive treatment.

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