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Prostate News Archive


  • Alleged rebel commander has enlarged prostate: army (Mindanao Times)

    Military doctors of the 10th Infantry Division based in Panacan confirmed that Renegeldo Alicaba alias Ka Emong, the alleged rebel leader of Guerrilla Front Committee 33, was suffering from an enlarged prostate.

  • Treatments after prostate surgery reported in the Journal of Urology (EurekAlert!)

    ( Elsevier Health Sciences ) Although primary prostate surgery or radiotherapy is successful in many cases of prostate cancer, some patients suffer a recurrence of the disease, which is most often first detected by a measurable PSA blood test -- affecting 30 perecent to 40 percent of patients after surgery. The presence of cancer potentially outside the prostate after surgery, will affect about ...

  • Measles vaccine may treat prostate cancer (UPI)

    ROCHESTER, Minn., Jan. 22 (UPI) -- Certain measles virus vaccine strain derivatives may prove an effective treatment for patients with advanced prostate cancer, U.S. researchers said.

  • Thalidomide 'beats prostate cancer' (The Scotsman)

    THALIDOMIDE, the drug that blighted a generation in the 1960s, may be helpful in treating prostate cancer, doctors have found.

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